METIS Legal s.r.o.

CBC II, 1. posch.
Karadžičova 10
82108 Bratislava

IČO: 47 242 159
DIČ: 2023608180
OR OS BA I Odd. Sro, vl. č. 84568/B



METIS Legal LLC, law office, offers a broad scope of legal services within the following legal disciplines: commercial law, civil law, administrative law and intellectual property law.

In the field of commercial law we mainly focus on company law, investment consultancy, IT law, energy and construction law, as well as on provision of legal services to developers and on management of real estates.

In the framework of civil and administrative law, our law office is fully competent to represent natural and artificial persons before the Slovak courts, governmental and local authorities of the Slovak Republic. We are ready to execute all kinds of legal deeds, filings, pleadings and legal reliefs. At he same time we provide a complex legal service related to purchase, misappropriation and granting security over real estates, together with their disposal and administration.

Intellectual property consultancy is closely related to the needs of our clients within their entrepreneurial activities, i.e. protection and satisfaction of their industrial property rights (patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks), copyright (mainly software, databases, and multimedia) and protection of business strategies (business secret, know-how, confidentiality agreement, etc.).